My Book, The Upside Down Way

Last Spring I had such a bout of vertigo that I ended up in the E.R. I remember sitting in the hospital bed, not knowing what had happened to me, thinking, “I cannot die without writing a book!” A bit irrational, I know, but the next Monday I started cranking away. One hour of writing every morning. And before I knew it, I had the start of a book.  I planned to self-publish, but Debbie Berho cajoled me into sending my work to Wipf & Stock in Eugene—Wipf & Stock had published her book on Spanish speaking congregations in Oregon.  

Much to my surprise, Wipf & Stock got back to me in a few weeks having accepted my book proposal.  I spent the next few months refining, renewing, studying, praying, creating, and crafting.  Then on Valentine’s Day it hit the presses. Below is a promo video I made that you can view. 

Here is a little more detail: I love the book of Luke.  When I was a sophomore in college I sat down one evening and read it from start to finish.  I highly encourage reading the Gospels this way at some point.  Luke’s story of Jesus, laid out for me to see in full, flipped my world upside down.  It inspired me to take big risks in my discipleship.  I noticed a change in my personality . . . a little more self-deprecation along with a little more boldness about my servanthood.  

As a direct result of reading Luke I applied for a summer internship at Church on the Street in Atlanta, Ga.  I got the internship and spent the summer befriending Atlanta’s wonderful people who live outdoors. Jesus met me on those streets of Atlanta in way unknown to me previously.  The same Jesus I’d marveled at in Luke’s pages was now hitting me upside the head through the stories and perils of crack addicts. His tears were flowing through the eyes of homeless mothers and he peered at me in the intense stare of runaway youth.  That experience, those encounters, dramatically altered the course of my life. I have Luke and his testimony to thank for the path I’ve walked. 

My book, The Upside Down Way: following Jesus through the Gospel Luke is a devotional designed to highlight some of the passages that changed my life.  One of my seminary professors, Dr. Kent Yinger, wrote that my book is a “devotional with an edge.” I think that sums it up well.  I wrote for the sake of asking my readers to let Jesus shake things up a bit. If you peer at him long enough I happen to believe he might just alter the course of your life too. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, feel free to email me at


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