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We're Being Watched: Fallout from the Kavanaugh Hearings

I am not a victim. As a boy I came into rough contact with a few kids on the playground, but never in my life has my body been violated. I just don’t know what that would be like. And so I venture into this blog feeling rather small. Who am I to write about this topic? I therefore have sought to write with a great deal of sensitivity to the fact that this issue is not, for me, rife with personal turmoil. My ears have, however, heard frightening firsthand accounts from victims; tales of a young boy whipped and sexually wounded by a trusted neighbor, a young girl left alone weekly in the care of a violent uncle, or a woman left bleeding after an initially consensual encounter with her husband. Their stories, whispered through tears in the sanctity of their pastor’s presence, stick with me. All of these people never sought legal action. They were too afraid in the beginning and now want desperately to move on with their lives. They’re strong, remarkable people, who’ve clamored together a …

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