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#metoo and Christian Power

The #metoo movement has me thinking a lot lately about power.

Victimized women across the globe are finding the power to bring down even the loftiest of public figures. I’ll admit, I’ve not been shocked at all by the politicians or entertainment gurus. I assume people driven by money and fame are not likely to keep the ills of these power resources in check. But the ever flowing stream of pastors and Christian leaders who’ve come under fire has shocked me.1

The latest firgure, Bill Hybels, really surprised me. From my distant arm-chair observation, he seemed like a straight-laced and sincere Christian leader.2  To the contrary, his victims continue to paint him as a man with great power, who used that power to coerce and abuse them. And unfortuantely, his pattern matches the patterns of other high-profile and powerful abusers.

The New Testament, and the Gospels in particular, have a great deal to say about power and it may not be what you expect.

Throughout Medieval and Modern Histor…

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